David Hill loves shooting wedding photos but can’t stand the wedding industry (oops did I just say that?!). He’s intermittently bold and/or cantankerous, with an eye for beautiful and funny moments.

OK, let’s switch to first person: If you’re tired of seeing all the same old re-hashed wedding photographer tropes like “I have the best job in the world” or “we shoot better as husband-wife team” or “26-year-old hipster girls make the best photographers,”┬áthen meet me for coffee and let’s make fun of them! After all, that would be way more fun for me than spending all day commenting on other wedding vendors’ blogs like we’re the best thing since sliced bread, or thinking of new ways to take a picture of myself smiling with a camera stuck near my face (get it? there’s a camera near my face I must be a great photographer!). I could even wear a scarf. I am always happy to have my clients first in mind and not be part of an industry cabal. I spend zero time taking coordinators to Mexico to get them drunk in exchange for pushing my services (you think that doesn’t happen?).

Reading this paragraph is optional. David Hill is a San Francisco wedding photographer, but also a San Jose wedding photographer. See how I slipped that in? For all the silly search engines I have to also mention that I love Los Gatos, go there all the time, and am probably also a Saratoga wedding photographer, even if I don’t realize it. There is also a special place in my heart for Willow Glen wedding photography, and of course I totally love being a Sonoma wedding photographer when I get to work at the badass wineries.

I studied photojournalism at Baylor University, most recently famous for its Heisman trophy winner RGIII and for setting some new NCAA record for combined wins in the arbitrary combination of football, basketball, baseball, and women’s basketball. What does that have to do with the Journalism department? Absolutely nothing, but the Journalism department was damn good in the 90s! Since then I have published in magazines and newspapers, shot digital weddings since 2003, served as a festival photographer multiple times (SXSW and Fantastic Fest), written thousands of articles for Apple Inc, traveled the world each year shooting a certain education event, purchased a herding dog who spends all day guarding one single gate, and many other interesting and/or random things. I have deep experience shooting all types of events, and I’ve made all the major mistakes years ago, so I know how to avoid them now. In other words, I will sell myself as being competent, which can be hard to come by in a market full of underemployed people who just picked up cameras in the last three years. Ouch, that stung. I keep it real.

Though I no longer maintain the membership for reasons that I won’t explain on this page, I have won multiple awards in the Wedding Photojournalist Association quarterly photo competitions. My style is indeed documentary or photojournalistic, though I think it is also important to take some time out first for simple posed family group shots (when else will you have all these people together) and secondly, if you make time in your schedule, for some fun or glitzy poses of the newlyweds alone. Some “fashion” shots if you will.

And I want to shoot your wedding! … unless you are totally in love with the wedding industry :)

Just finished shooting a wedding in LA! via twitter